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Fire Protection Systems
  1. Water based system
    • Hydrant system: The Hydrant System comprises of AC motor driven pump sets with all required accessories including valves, instrumentation and controls etc. Complete in all respects. An automatic hydrant system is furnished covering the areas completely from independent.
      • Pipe work from the fire water pump set.
      • The hydrant pipe work is remaining pressurized through the proposed jockey pump taking care of any leakages in the system pipe lines, valves and fittings.
      • The hydrant system is kept charged by pressurized water at approx. 7 Kg. Cm2. at all times. In the event of fire when any of the hydrant valves in the net work is opened, the resultant fall in pressure system is enabling starting the AC Motor driven fire water pumping set through pressure switches automatically. One diesel engine pump shall be standby pump serving hydrant system. Apart from the automatic starting of the pump sets, provision shall be kept for manual starting also. Shutting down of the pump sets shall be manual.

      Yard Hydrants: Hydrants inside the building is furnished with required accessories such as hose pipes with instantaneous gun metal couplings and gun metal branch pipes located in hose cabinets. The hose cabinets is wall / column mounting type, constructed out of 18 gauge mild steel sheets.
      The internal hydrants ( Landing valves) is single headed type taken out from 150/100 mm dia riser through suitable reducer. The outlets is gun metal and confirm to IS : 5290. HT Hose reels is firmly held against the wall by suitable heavy brackets and supports. The hose reel is swinging type ( 180o) and the entire Drum reel etc. is as per IS : 3876. The rubber tubing is best quality ( Dunlop ) and the nozzle is 6 mm dia. Shut off type. The equipment shall be out of one of the approved makes.
      The hydrant main is laid in the form of ring main. The hydrant risers is terminated with air release valves at the highest points to release the trapped air in the pipe work.

    • Water Spray System: These systems find application in various commercial and industrial establishments. These are available in several types that include systems with G.M / SS type nozzles with stainless steel clamp for quick fixing or unfixing of nozzle. This arrangement helps in cleaning of the nozzles easily without any help of tools. Our water spray systems have sturdy looks and are durable enough to resist the pressure created by the water force.
    • Hose reel system: Hose reel is important equipment used for fire fighting purposes. These are supplied in comprehensive range of hose reels procured from reliable vendors. Hose reels are UL approved and possess following features:
      Reel diameter: 550 mm / 600 mm
      Tail: 3 / 4" or 1"
      Hose length: 20 m / 25 m / 30 m
  2. Foam based system: These include Foam Fire Nozzles & Hoses, Foam Delivery Devices, Foam Induction Devices, Foam Monitor & Foam Making Branch Pipes, and Floating Roof Tank Protection. Fire fighting foam systems suppress fire by separating the fuel from the air (oxygen). Depending on the type of foam system, this is done in several ways:
    Foam blankets the fuel surface smothering the fire.
    The fuel is cooled by the water content of the foam.
    The foam blanket suppresses the release of flammable vapors that can mix with the air.
  3. Sprinkler System, Drencher System: Sprinkler is thermo-sensitive quarzoid liquid glass bulb burst actuated type and be standard products from an established firm of repute and standing and approved by an appropriate authority for fire fighting duty. It should be imported only.
    All sprinklers is brass castings polished / chrome OR white (polyester) unless stated otherwise and rated for 12.0 KG/CM2 WG and factory tested for 34.0 KG/CM2. Sprinklers is pendant OR side wall type as specified and shown on drawings. All sprinklers shall be provided with an adjustable OR Rosettes escutcheons finished same as the sprinkler head. Temp. classification of sprinklers in each space shall be as shown on the drawings. Sprinklers shall be selected for the coverage shown on the drawings and ordinarily be 15 MM. Wherever the specified sprinkler is not adequate, the tenderers may offer appropriate size required. Tenderers are free to suggest alternatively other suitable sprinklers with its justification.
  4. Fire Extinguisher:
    A B C Stored pressure type: It is useful for fires of A, B and C types. Fire breaking out in these types involves cotton, wood, grease, flammable liquids, electrical wiring, live machinery and others. The blanketing effect of extinguishers helps in decomposing fire rapidly. Our equipment is available in B.I.S. Specification: 13849, Capacity: 1Kg, 2 Kg, 5 Kg, 10 Kg, & above with ISI Mark
    CO2 type fire extinguishers: These are used for class B and C fires. These classes include oil spillages, fabric, delicate machinery and various other material. These are able to extinguish fire by blanketing dilution of oxygen and cooling effects. These are available in B.I.S. Specification: 2878, Capacity: 2, 3.2, 4.5, 6.5, 9 kg. & 22.5 kg with ISI Mark
    Dry chemical powder type fire extinguishers: Trolley mounted dry chemical powder fire extinguisher is used in controlling class B and C fires which include fire caused due to material such as fats, gases, paints, oils, electrical wiring, solvents, varnish, live machineries and others. These extinguish fire by displacement of air, beating and decomposition of dry powder effects. Dry chemical powder type fire extinguishers are offered in B.I.S. Specification: 2171 & 10658, Capacity: 5kg, 10 kg, 25kg, 50 kg, 75 kgs with ISI Mark
    Mechanical foam (AFFF): These fire extinguisher are used for class A and B fires. These classes involve fire due to various liquids such as paints, tar, solvents, benzene camphor, naphtha, varnish and fats like grease and oils. These also include solids such as pigments, resins and oils. Our mechanical foam extinguisher controls fire by cutting off the atmospheric supply of oxygen to the burning surface that is known as blanketing process. It also cools down the container and contents. These are available with B.I.S. Specification: 10204 & 13386, Capacity: 9 liter & 50 liter with ISI mark

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