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Rubber Expansion Bellows
Rubber Bellows Expansion Joints/compensators have a special advantage in interrupting or muffling noise transmission in pipeline at pumps or machines in addition to their function as elastic pipe connections. They compensate for movements in pipeline, at pumps, Engines, Turbines, Machines, Equipment and Tanks and can be used to compensate for mounting inaccuracy as extension pieces on fittings or as sealing elements where pipe systems pass through walls. Rubber Bellows are manufactured from natural / synthetic rubber like EPDM, Chloroprene, NBR, Butyl and Chlorobutyl on a strong carcass made of synthetic/cotton fabric with reinforcement of steel wire, steel ring etc. Rubber Bellows are also available in many types like single arch, multi arch, and reducer type, offset type, sleeve type etc, and also available in many sizes from 25mm NB up to 2500 mm NB.

Features: Large movements, Low load on anchors, Corrosion resistance, Sound and vibration elimination, High temperature, Lower material cost, Lower system design cost, Lower replacement cost.
Constructions: High strength fabric, Elastomeric reinforced with metal rings or wire, Flanges are integral with the body of the joint, Drilled to conform to the bolt holes of the companion metal flanges of the pipe lines, Rubber faced flange is of sufficient thickness to form a tight seal against the metal flanges
Pressure : 26 inches Hg of vacuum up to 40 Kg /cm2g.
Sizes : From 25 mm NB up to 2500 mm NB.
Temperature : Maximum working temperature varies as per the different grades of rubber used.

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